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Original sharing

Collection of original beautiful articles, novels and Literature

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Born from reading

Reading changes life and is born for reading, which is our pursuit and goal

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Free copyright

Focus on collecting and publishing free licensed literature to avoid copyright disputes between users and this site

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Fusion AI

Embrace AI, make reading content more intelligent, and integrate AI clusters for content creation, review and release

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Create perfect for usersPleasure reading

simplify what is complicated

App is designed in a concise form, simple and functional, and is entirely born for reading

Ultimate experience

Our goal is to pursue the ultimate experience of reading, and the reading page is efficient, clear and convenient

Efficiency first

Adapt to the progress of the times, let users read effectively through fragmented time, and lead the era of big data

Better intelligence

Intelligent recommendation, intelligent search, intelligent AI reading, aggregating various means to adapt users' reading content